Salaheldin Halasa, PhD

Salaheldin Halasa earned his medical degree at Tripoli University of Medicial Science in Tripoli, Libya. He then completed his residency in Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob/GYN, Internal Medicine, Forensic, Family, and Community Medicine at Tripoli Medical Center.
Dr. Halasa is the Founder and CEO of Nitromedicine, LLC. Nitromedicine LLC is a successful US consultation company established in 2014 by a team of medical professionals with years of experience in custom prescription formulations and protocols related to nitric oxide therapy, laser therapy, electrotherapy, stem cell therapy, nanotherapy, redox therapy, hormonal therapy, cryotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. These inventions are intended to provide medical treatments for oxidative stress related diseases such as degenerative diseases, immunological diseases, chronic infectious diseases, cancers and a broad range of unmet medical needs involving chronic inflammation with an emphasis on pain management.
Dr. Halasa is also involved in developing new formulations and protocols for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy and Photoactivated Stem Cell Therapies.